Fourier Transform Spectroscopy

The throughput of Blue Sky Spectroscopy FTS is the highest commercially available, which is of particular importance in the energy starved submillimeter spectral region. Building on this pedigree, the company offers source and detector calibration services for the mid-infrared, terahertz and sub-terahertz spectral range at resolving powers up to 10,000.

Rendering of FTS componentsPurged FTS systemBlue Sky FTS installed on South Pole Telescope

Due to their high efficiency and variable spectral resolution, single pixel FTS have established themselves as the choice technology for precision spectroscopic applications.

The recent advances in detector array technology led to the emergence of imaging FTS as a leading contender in the field of hyperspectral imaging. Blue Sky Spectroscopy has built spectroscopic systems from visible to submillimetre wavelengths. See the page on Products and Services – FTS for more details on our FTS systems. Blue Sky Spectroscopy has extensive experience with mechanical, optical and electronic CAD software, as well as scientific data analysis and mathematical software required for designing, operating, and reducing data from custom FTS instruments.