Electronics Design and Integration

Integrated Data Acquisition and Control ElectronicsWith a long history of electronics design for infrared instrumentation and an extensive suite of electronics design, fabrication and test equipment, we are able to produce custom control and data acquisition electronics for demanding applications.


Ultra low noise detector preamplifiers

We have extensive experience with low noise preamplifiers and transimpedance amplifiers. Whether your application requires room temperature or cryogenic detectors, we can provide custom preamplifier solutions for optimum noise performance.

Cryogenic electronics

Cryogenic detector systems require specialized techniques for signal, thermometry and control wiring. We have experience with cryogenic wiring for systems with maximum thermal power loading ranging from milliwatts to picowatts.

Instrument control and data acquisition systems

With our long history in FTS system development, we have expertise in precision motion control servo systems (rotary and linear servo motors, ballscrews, stepper motors, piezo actuators), nanometer accuracy metrology (single mode laser interferometers, Heidenhain encoders, capacitance micrometry), automated software control from Windows and Linux platforms, as well as embedded microcontrollers, and high fidelity 24-bit ΔΣ ADC data acquisition systems.

Solar power systems for remote locations

We can provide turn-key power solutions for instruments deployed in remote locations, using state-of-the-art BP solar panels and high efficiency / low noise power inverters.