Vacuum Systems

Blue Sky Spectroscopy has experience with a wide range of vacuum technologies required for cryogenic detector systems and evacuated spectrometers. Permanently sealed cryocooled detector systems require Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) technology in order to achieve long lifetimes and optimal performance. We have expertise in the design and implementation of such systems at pressures of ~ 2⋅10-8 mbar. In order to achieve the low vacuum levels and ultra-low outgassing rates required in these systems, we employ the following technologies:

Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)

Residual Gas Analysers (RGA) provide an accurate method of determining vacuum leaks and outgassing products in both small and large vacuum systems.

Absolute pressure gauges

Capacitance manometers provide ultra-sensitive absolute pressure measurements down to 1⋅10-5 mbar, without the inaccuracies and complications of the more common gas-specific gauges.

Miniature Ion pumps

Integrated ion pumps provide long vacuum hold times in sealed UHV systems where outgassing from the metal vacuum chamber walls is a problem.


Activated getters are an economical alternative to ion pumps for maintaining high vacuum levels in a sealed system with multi-year lifetimes without the extra complexity of ion pumps.

Cleaning and vacuum-baking

Special techniques are required to reduce outgassing rates in vacuum vessels and components. The use of ultrasonic vapor degreasers remove all traces of oil and residues, while high temperature vacuum baking removes adsorbed H2O.