Infrared and THz Detector Systems

QMC InstrumentsWe have extensive experience with a large range of infrared and Terrahertz detector technologies, which allows us to design systems optimized for any application and budget. Our corporate partner, QMC Instruments, is a world leader in the development and fabrication of cryo-free THz detector systems and supporting technologies.

NTD Germanium and spiderweb bolometers, HgCdTe, InSb, CCDs

From single pixel bolometers to HgCdTe and Golay cells, we can provide detectors, matched cryogenics, and low noise electronics tailored to your application.


Blackbody calibration sources from 77 to 1000 K, from 20 to 2000 µm

Calibration is a key aspect of any scientific instrumentation. We can provide custom and commercial blackbody calibration systems, with wavelength ranges from the submillimetre to the infrared.

Infrared Radiometers

We offer compact, moderate cost, zero maintainance, highly reliable, and high accuracy radiometers. Radiometers, detecting the 20µm emmission from rotational transitions of water vapour with a simple Mercury, Cadmium, Telluride (MCT) detector, can serve as atmospheric water vapour monitors for current and future ground-based observatories. These systems require only a very small amount of low power electronics to amplify and read the signal. Small cryocoolers and a compact optical design allow for simple interfaces to the instrument.